What can be treated?

Most eye conditions do not need to be treated in a hospital and can be looked after just as well through NHS-funded care in one of our Diagnostic and Treatment clinics, often sooner and more conveniently for you.

In our clinics we can diagnose, decide on and deliver treatment for a large range of concerns, symptoms and diseases that affect the eyes, including:

– Glaucoma & Ocular Hypertension (diagnosis and management)

– Minor surgery for eye lid lumps, styes or ingrowing eye lashes

– YAG laser surgery (Glaucoma & Posterior Capsulotomies)

– Red eye, dry eyes, watery eyes

– Foreign body removal

– Flashing lights and floaters

– Infection, pain and viruses

– Scleritus and Episcleritus,

– Vitreo Retinal Disease and anomalies

– Neurology, headaches and blurred vision

– Macular Degeneration (diagnosis & monitoring) & anomalies

– Partially sighted and low vision registration and aids

– Children’s binocular vision

– Ocular pharmaceuticals and drugs

This means you can be seen closer to home and normally within a couple of weeks. Routine waiting lists can be up to 18 weeks in a busy NHS Eye Hospital, whereas your local Ophthalmology Diagnostic & Treatment Centre will on average offer you an appointment within 4 weeks, or even within 24 hours if it’s clinically Urgent.

Have an urgent concern?

You can call our Telephone Advice Service  where one of the clinical team will discuss and review your symptoms. We can then direct you towards the best place to access NHS case, depending on the symptoms and urgency.


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