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What we do

Evolutio are one of the leading community ophthalmology providers in England. We are continually innovating, and delivering the most affordable, trusted eye care systems for the benefit of patients, clinicians and the wider healthcare economy.

NHS Eye Care

Delivering ophthalmology single point of access, referral management, patient services admin & call centre, 111, clinical triage and community ophthalmology through our own network of clinics and 200+ affiliate providers.

Hospital Support Services

Supporting NHS Hospital Eye Services by looking after patients with chronic long term conditions patients, away from a hospital setting and in to the community, whilst maintaining consultant oversight of their care.

Eye Care Technology

Proprietary eye care technology, including electronic GOS 18 referrals, virtual & video consultation, telemedicine, remote triage and diagnostic review (including OCT), patient home monitoring and online booking.

NHS Referrals Processed
Appointments Per Year
+ Community Clinics

Why choose an Evolutio Ophthalmology Diagnostic & Treatment Centre?

When you visit an Evolutio Ophthalmology diagnostic and treatment centre, you will find it equipped with the same diagnostic equipment you find in most hospital eye clinic outpatient units and staffed with the same mix of consultant ophthalmologist, specialty doctors, independent prescribers, optometrists, and specialist health care assistants, many of who also work in hospital, but it’s got a few extra benefits you may like…

– NHS-funded care on your local high street

– Waiting times often much shorter

– Less people in the waiting room

– Easy to find your way around

– You can book your appointment online

– We try to ensure you see the same clinician at each visit

– All diagnostic tests completed in one visit when clinically possible

– It’s easy to call us if you have a question after your visit

Have an urgent concern?

You can call our Telephone Advice Service to speak to a member of our clinical team who will discuss and review your symptoms. We can then direct you towards the best place to access NHS care, depending on the symptoms and urgency.

CALL 0800 112 0070

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