About Us

Evolutio is a leading provider of Independent NHS Hospital Eye Services, located in convenient community Eye Clinic’s, offering a full range of outpatient eye services, from urgent Triage clinics, to routine referrals from your GP or Optician, to looking after your Glaucoma with medication or the latest SLT Laser treatment.

Founded by a team of forward-thinking NHS clinicians and software developers, we use technological innovation and doctor-driven care to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes, whilst helping your local NHS Trust.

We work with GPs, hospital trusts, patient groups and NHS commissioners to develop services that enhance patient choice and integration between community and hospital services, while reducing waiting times and unnecessary hospital referrals.

The journey does not end here; Evolutio is a technology driven health care provider, not only investing in the best diagnostic technology available at every clinic, but also a truly paperless care service made possible through proprietary software built by our inhouse development team, to ensure we continually evolve a highly efficient service.


This enables evolutio to manage the care for over 120,000 new NHS patients each year and continue helping our local NHS hospital eye departments to increase patient capacity by as much as 30%, whilst seeing fantastic care outcome results and patient satisfaction feedback.

5 stars

We're proud to receive consistently high ratings across all our clinics on the NHS.uk website

Our Solutions

– Electronic Referrals

– Advice & Guidance

– Triage Web Application

– Hospital Web Application

– Online Patient Portal

– Video Consultations

– ERS Integration

– SCR Integration

– Hospital PAS and EHR Integration

– Diagnostics & Attachments

– Configuration and Regionalisation

– Automated Communications