Clinician user Instructions


After you click ‘Start Consultation’ you will be shown the following page.

You will be required to enter your usual Evonnect login credentials to access the eCare Virtual Consult platform.


Once logged in you will need to select your practice from the dropdown list in the top right hand corner of the screen.


You will then be presented a list of your patients and their appointment times with the next appointment at the top.

You will also see their current status, i.e.

– ‘Never logged in’, the patient has yet to log in.

– ‘Last logged in:’, this gives the time and date the patient last logged in, and

– ‘Online, waiting for call’, the patient has logged in and is ready to speak with you

You will also be shown the patient’s individual pin code that they use to log in, should the patient have any issues logging in.


At the top of the video you will see the patient’s name.

At the bottom of the screen you have your video controls where you can turn on (purple icon) and off (grey icon) the camera, microphone and volume.


When the Virtual Consult is concluded you can leave the platform by click the ‘Exit’ icon, where you will be presented with confirmation of the end of the consultation.