Evolutio Ophthalmology is a leading provider of community ophthalmology, hospital support services and eye care technology in the UK.


Founded by a team of forward-thinking NHS clinicians and software developers, we use technological innovation and doctor-driven care to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes and deliver cost benefits for the NHS.


Evolutio Ophthalmology provides multi-skilled clinical teams based in Ophthalmology Diagnostic & Treatment Centres and over 200 affiliated community providers as an integrated eye care network for the NHS.


We are responsible for managing the care of 120,000 new NHS patients each year and have helped our local NHS hospital eye departments increase outpatient capacity by as much as 30%, whilst seeing fantastic care outcome results and patient satisfaction feedback.


Our software development company Evolutio Software Services based here in Ireland, has been delivering a highly successful integrated care software platform for the NHS ophthalmology market for over 10 years. We don’t just provide technology to others, we also use our own technology to deliver our Ophthalmology Triage, Treatment and Diagnostic Services to the NHS, so we fully understand the sector and the needs of the people working in it.