Why have Evolutio taken over from Operose Health?

Operose Contract Ended

The current contract came to an end, and from the 30th June 2023, Operose Health will no longer deliver ophthalmology care across England.

The NHS Required a New Provider

To ensure the continuation of glaucoma services, NHS North West London ICB spoke with a number of national ophthalmology providers

Evolutio Awarded Contract

Evolutio were awarded the contract by the NHS to continue provision of care across North West London.

What Next?

Evolutio will be in touch direct to book your next appointment.

There's No Need to Call Us

As part of the new service, Evolutio will manage the appointments and will be in touch with you (via letter initially) to book your next appointment, based on the due date provided by Operose.
You do not need to contact Evolutio until you have received written conformation about your next appointment.

Where You'll be Seen

Evolutio will offer a number of locations and currently have existing ophthalmology clinics in Park Royal and Wembley. We are also working with NHS North West London ICB to establish a new clinic location in Hounslow. Until this new location is identified, you may have to travel to Park Royal or Wembley for your first visit before being transferred to a Hounslow based clinic, ensuring you are seen nearer your own home

Who do I contact for further information?

You can contact the service via email (support@evolutio-uk.com) or phone (0203 780 7860).

However, please do not call about your appointment as Evolutio will be in touch direct to book your next appointment.

Who we are

Delivering care since 2010, we have built a highly regarded reputation for delivering exemplary, high-quality, safe and patient centric care to NHS patients.

We are responsible for managing the care of 120,000 new NHS patients each year and have helped local NHS hospital eye departments increase capacity by as much as 30%, whilst seeing fantastic care outcome results and patient satisfaction feedback.

Our team of dedicated eye care professionals ensure that we provide an exceptional service to patients. Feedback shows that over 98% of our patients would recommend our service to their friends and family.

Evolutio currently provide services to support secondary care hospital eye services in North Central London, North East London, Windsor, Suffolk and Doncaster.

With existing clinics in Park Royal and Wembley, Evolutio are working to establish a clinic location in Hounslow, ensuring care closer to home for our patients.

Will Evolutio have access to my eye care records?

Yes. As part of the transfer of services, Evolutio have been working with Operose and NHS North West London ICB to safely and securely transfer your previous eye care history from Operose, ensuring that Evolutio have your up to date records for ongoing care and management.

Have an urgent eye concern?

You can call our Telephone Advice Service to speak to a member of our clinical team who will discuss and review your symptoms. We can then direct you towards the best place to access NHS care, depending on the symptoms and urgency.

CALL 0800 112 0070

What our patients say