Evolutio Ophthalmology Private

What shall I do if the NHS will not fund the care I need?

Evolutio Ophthalmology Diagnostic & Treatment Centres also offer private services for treatments that are not funded under the NHS, such as some oculoplastic procedures.

Private Appointment


All diagnostics included

Minor Oculoplastics


For each procedure

YAG Laser Procedure


For one eye

Additional Diagnostics


OCT and scans

You can ask your GP, doctor, pharmacist or optometrist (optician) to refer you for an appointment. They can access referral templates and the information they require to make the referral here.

Or you can pop into one of the Ophthalmology Diagnostic & Treatment Centres and discuss your requirements with one of the team in person.

Or you can call 0800 112 0070 to speak to a member of our Telephone Triage Team who will discuss your symptoms and help to direct you towards the best place to go, depending on urgency.

Once you are referred into our care we will write to you offering a choice of places where you can receive treatment and invite you to book your appointment either by phone or online.

If you are being referred for private treatment please ensure you ask your GP, doctor, pharmacist or optometrist (optician) to write ‘PRIVATE’ at the top of your referral. 

Please provide us with a mobile phone number and/or email address to help reduce the environmental impact of producing letters.