Patient user Instructions

You will need to provide:

– Your date of birth

– The PIN number we provided you

– Your mobile number


After you click ‘Start Consultation’ you will be shown the following page.

Input your date of birth, your individual PIN number provided to you and your mobile phone number and click the ‘Login’ button.


Once you have logged in you will be required to read the disclaimer and click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Please note, if you do not accept the disclaimer it will not be possible to undertake a virtual assessment with an eCare clinician.


If you have read and clicked ‘Yes’ to the disclaimer you will be moved into the eCare Virtual Waiting Room.

Once the eCare Clinician joins the consult you will be moved to the live environment for your consultation to commence.


At the top of the video you will see the eCare clinician’s name.

At the bottom of the screen you have your video controls where you can turn on (purple icon) and off (grey icon) the camera, microphone and volume.


When the Virtual Consult is concluded you can leave the platform by click the ‘Exit’ icon, where you will be presented with confirmation of the end of the consultation.