Oculoplastics refers to the eyelids and surrounding skin. Oculoplastic surgeries usually involve the correction of drooping eyelids, in-growing eyelashes, eyelid skin tags and cysts, and treatments relating to the tear drainage system.


The correct quantity of tears is important to maintain the health of the front of the eye.

Whether you suffer from excessive tears, or not enough tears, there are a range of simple surgical and non-surgical procedures to help.

This can either be a simple expansion of the hole the tears drain through, a plug to reduce the tear drain size or flushing of the tear canals.


People commonly have styes, blocked eyelid glands, skin tags and cysts on their eyelids which can look unsightly and feel uncomfortable.

The majority of these can be removed safely within an Evolutio clinic, however, a small number of lesions require referral to the hospital for further assessment and treatment.


More commonly occurring in older adults, ptosis is when the upper eyelid falls or droops.

Droopy eyelids are fairly normal, but in some cases can affect vision where the eyelid falls across the eye.

In some cases, droopy eyelid is caused by more serious conditions, such as a stroke, brain tumour, or cancer of the nerves or muscles.


Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the position of an eyelid, either because it is turning inwards or outwards or drooping.

These can feel uncomfortable and affect vision and quality of life. They can also result in damage to the front of the eye if left untreated.


Evolutio clinics offer minor oculoplastic procedures at a fixed, all-inclusive price, including all follow-up care appointments, so you know the total cost of treatment from start to finish.

Prices can vary depending on the procedure. For information on pricing please ask your clinician for a price list or phone us on 0203 780 7860.

These procedures may also be under the NHS subject to local thresholds.


You will be scheduled with a fixed-time appointment to attend the clinic for a pre-op assessment and to discuss the procedure with the surgeon. You will then be booked in for the procedure, usually within 2 to 3 weeks.

On the day of the procedure, you should ensure you have someone with you to take you home.

For most procedures you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area to be treated. This will take a few minutes to take effect. The procedure will be completed in a reclining chair usually in less than 20 minutes. We will then keep you in the waiting room for around 30 to 60 minutes for a final check before you go home.

We may book a follow-up appointment to check your eyes again in a week or so, depending on the clinician’s findings after treatment.

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