Welcome to eVonnect

Evonnect is a piece of proprietory technology developed in-house by Evolutio that is revolutionising the way optometry,  community ophthalmology and the Hospital Eye Service collaborate, share in and manage patients eye care.

With a number of highly sophisticated modules that aggregate and share a patient’s eye health history, including agnostic image manipulation, advice and guidance , plus a lot more, regulated through rigorous access and verification controls, Evonnect allows health professionals to deliver outstanding patient care. 

eVonnect Optometry

Evonnect Optometry allows primary care optometry to quickly and seamlessly refer their patients securely to the right provider, first time, whilst allowing for diagnostic image submission.

Along with bespoke referral pro-formas formed on referral reasons, patient verification though the summary care record and the imminent addition of advice and guidance (due end of 2021), eVonnect Optometry has been developed with primary care optometrists, the patient, and the hospital eye service at it’s core.


In order to register for the eVonnect Ophthalmology application, you’ll be required to under a ‘Know Your User’ process. This is to ensure we can verify we can grant you access to the application.

Adoption Payments

Evolutio and the North Central London Partners EeRS programme are pleased to announce, what we consider a groundbreaking advancement in the EeRS Electronic referral pilot for Optometry in North Central London ICS.

As of Monday 11 October 2021, all practices in NCL who are send electronic referrals via Evonnect to Hospital Eyecare Services, meeting electronic referral best practice standards, will be paid an additional discretionary Technology Adoption Payment of £10 per patient referral.